We’re having…


Two girls!

At my last appointment at 17w3d, my doctor asked me if I wanted to know the genders.  I told her that if she could tell, then yes, we were very excited to know!  She looked for about two seconds and then promptly told me, “Well, that looks like a girl to me,” regarding Baby A.  She turned her attention to Baby B shortly after and told me, “Yep, that’s another girl.”  I asked her how certain she was since it’s still a little early for genders, and she said, “It’s definitive.”

And just like that, our lives as parents begin to take shape!  We can now begin to picture ourselves as parents to twin girls, rather than just “the twins.”  We can think of names, imagine them in little pink onesies, dream of our lives throughout the next several years raising little girls who will become big girls.  I am a mom to two GIRLS.

I’m so excited!  In some ways, it’s a little anticlimactic to find out, because I can’t (or shouldn’t) do anything about it for several weeks.  I should at least wait for my baby shower to buy girly things for them, because I have several friends who have already had girls and have plenty of stuff they can give me.  I should wait until my mother-in-law gives us money to buy cribs before I order them.  I should wait until I have cleaned and repainted the dresser to get any more clothes.  I should wait until the furniture in the room is set up to begin buying decorations.

But it’s SO hard to wait.  I just want to DO something.  I bought those two pink onesies in the picture to surprise my husband with the genders, since he was not at the ultrasound with me.  I couldn’t help myself, and I figured they’ll be able to use them later so it’s not wasteful.  It’s so hard to try to save money when your first two babies are on the way!

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