Second Trimester Relief

Well, I made it to the second trimester.  15 weeks today or 15 weeks last Saturday, depending on whether you measure from LMP or the estimated gestational age from the first ultrasound.

It is such a relief in many ways!  Of course, the risk of miscarriage goes down significantly now.  I live every day with the fear that something will happen to one or both of them still, but I also comfort myself with the knowledge that, most likely, both will be okay.  It is a relief to have had three positive ultrasounds at this point, including my NT scan.  It is a relief now that we have begun telling people about the pregnancy and I can talk freely about it.  And it is a relief to FINALLY have some relief from morning sickness!

How am I feeling?  Well, the morning sickness is mostly gone, which is most welcome.  (Wish I could say it was completely gone…it still comes in waves, particularly at night and when I’m not being careful about my vitamin b6 and Unisom regimen, but it is SO MUCH better than it was a few weeks ago when I was constantly dry-heaving and nothing sounded good.)  I want to eat most of the time!  I have been especially craving chips, fries, and salmon burgers lately.  These cravings seem to change from week to week, but I am adding more things to my diet again and I actually want to eat salad right now!  As long as it has goat cheese and a certain kind of dressing.  Oh well, at least I’m eating salad.

I do have more energy most days, and sometimes I actually have trouble sleeping now.  During the first trimester, I was basically asleep before my head hit the pillow.  Sleep is unfortunately interrupted a lot, particularly by my bladder.  I had read that constant urination is a problem during the 1st trimester that improves in the 2nd, but unfortunately I have to say that has not been the case for me.  It is actually quite insane how many times and how much I have to pee now, and it is frustrating because I know I’m not drinking enough water as it is!  I don’t really know what to do about this.  I do sleep when I’m exhausted enough, but getting comfortable has been tough and then I’m up several times before I fall asleep and several more times throughout the night emptying my bladder.

My stomach is visibly growing.  Most strangers don’t seem to notice that I’m pregnant, although I have had one or two knowing looks and smiles from people I’ve never met before.  A few coworkers and students have noticed without me telling them, but I’m not making a big deal about it and don’t really want to announce it to students, per se, until after I know the genders and have another positive ultrasound.  I am pretty much exclusively wearing maternity clothes because they are comfortable on my stomach/uterus area.  My husband says that I look basically the same except for my stomach, and actually worries that I don’t look more chubby and wonders if I’m gaining enough weight.  I feel like I definitely have gained weight in my hips and thighs and feel rather uncomfortable in my body right now.  I’m keeping myself from panicking about the weight gain by reading stories of all the women who gain 50+ pounds in their pregnancies because their bodies need it and lose it all in a few months because they breastfed.  Getting my body back to a semblance of its former shape will definitely be a project for the first year or so postpartum.

We announced it on Facebook and we are being open about it with coworkers and friends.  That is really nice!  I notice that people ask me how I’m feeling all the time.  I’m not sure how to answer this question because they probably don’t want or need to know all the various weird things going on in my body, so I just say, “Pretty good.”  Considering all that is happening in my body right now, I do think I’m feeling pretty good!

Our next appointment with the OB will be at approximately 17 weeks, and then at about 18 weeks I have my next appointment with the perinatologist.  I don’t think that I will get an ultrasound at the OB appointment, but definitely at the perinatologist!  I am very excited to see the twins again and, I hope, find out the genders!


The twins at the 13 weeks ultrasound.  It’s amazing how much they already look like little people!

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