Things I have tried, Month by Month

Let’s hope there aren’t too many months listed here by the end of this journey! Here is a brief recap of things that we have tried during each month of TTC.

Month One

  • Vaguely tried to hit what I thought was ovulation, but in retrospect was probably too early. I didn’t know very much at this point. I also got sick, and we closed on a house and moved within a span of 3 days, coincidentally right around the time I should have ovulated. I think this delayed ovulation a bit, and I shouldn’t have expected for this to be our month with so much going on, but it was still disappointing when my period finally arrived, about 3 days later than I expected.
  • Prenatal vitamins and iron supplements (I discovered earlier this year that I am pretty anemic…no surprise given a long of history of being vegetarian and not being careful to eat enough nutrients, coupled with an even longer history of disordered eating and exercise habits).

Month Two

  • Prenatal vitamins and iron supplements
  • Tried OPK strips, with little success. I thought that maybe I saw a positive around CD 18, but when I saw a true positive the next month, I don’t think that what I saw was actually positive. So I probably either missed the LH surge this month, or (I fear, perhaps) I never had one.
  • Even so, I don’t think timing was an issue this month unless I never ovulated. Went a little crazy researching anovulatory cycles.
  • Possibly only 10 day luteal phase…went a little crazy researching luteal phase defect.

Month Three

  • Prenatal vitamins and iron supplements
  • ClearBlue Digital Ovulation Detector (worked very well and made it clear when my LH surge was!) combined with OPK strips, which allowed me to see what a true positive OPK should look like. Sad that I probably missed it last month, but hopeful and encouraged that at least the cheap strips can work.
  • Researched cycle syncing eating and exercise, tried a few recommendations. Specifically reduced running mileage from about 25-27 miles per week to 20 or less. Especially tried not to run as much around ovulation and implantation since long distance running seems to have a fairly direct connection to fertility issues in some women. Hoping I don’t gain too much weight trying to get pregnant, before I gain more weight when I get pregnant!
  • Vitex to correct possible luteal phase defect. In retrospect, this may have been a hasty measure. I suspect, but do not know, that my progesterone is lower than it should be. The first half of my cycle seemed great–I got a clear positive OPK which suggests strong LH hormones, and I seem to have ovulated on CD 14 or 15, which is textbook! BUT the second half of my cycle I felt much lower energy, and the days leading up to my period were kind of hellish. Serious bloating, cramps, nausea, and I got a weird case of (TMI) the runs which is very rare for me. Might not have been the vitex, but it certainly didn’t feel right so I have decided to discontinue that unless a doctor recommends it later. On the other hand, luteal phase seems to have been 12 days, so hopefully that continues even without the vitex.
  • Tried red raspberry leaf capsules and B-complex, for maybe a day or two, and ended up feeling awful so I also stopped that. But it may have been the sudden cocktail of supplements, rather than any particular supplement that made me feel this way.
  • Ate pineapple core for 5 days of my luteal phase to aid in implantation. Not so bad! I’ll do it again next month if for nothing else than because I like pineapple and it was nice to eat a different fruit than usual. 🙂

Month Four (the plan)

  • Prenatal vitamins and iron supplements
  • ClearBlue ovulation detector plus OPK strips
  • Daily basal temping and charting on Fertility Friend app (to make sure I am actually ovulating and when)
  • Keep running mileage around 20 miles per week or less
  • Eat pineapple core during luteal phase
  • Relax and enjoy my life. Make plans for the future like I’m not planning on getting pregnant and staying home with my baby for a few years. Try to get a new job that I like better and has a shorter commute. This might be a long ride.

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